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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 00:18:51 PDT

While we're on the topic, I'm emotionally devastated. I didn't get a callback on my
SII application. They *need* the .com-whizkid-netrepreneur archetype represented,
and damn I would've fit the bill. More, I'm sure that I would've landed the host
job on Destination Mir after SII. ;-) :-) I think my tape rocked the free world,
just based on the other aud.tapes I've seen; guess my schtick as the "antisurvivor"
--- even -w- the BDS&M bits --- didn't fly. I'd post it, but the .avi (ask me why,
I dunno) is over 700MB. Anybody know how to turn the barf that video editors spew
into something net.useful?


Jeff Bone wrote:

> > But of course, the link that is all the rage right now:
> > (Gervase mentioned this at the reunion
> > episode).
> Yes, but for the true Fan Bonus Points, what is the official name of this dance?
> ;-) Damn, but I wished I'd bought the enclosed painting when it was on EBay.
> :-) (Apologies for the enclosure, but I no longer have the link.) I think the
> title was "Rudy Rubs Suntan Lotion on Gay Rich." Purely as a collector's item:
> "I'm not queer or anything." :-)
> jb
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