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Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 10:32:32 PDT

To offer a more neutral and yet equally useless data point:
I lived in Buffalo for a time, and so while it is very much like
being Canadian, it comes without the bias and general cleanliness. I
enjoyed the several Tim Horton's in BFLO (3 that I frequented, sure there
are more), and of course in my time as a Southerner relished the Krispy
Kreme Experience.

Tim Horton's certainly does win in the "variety" category, but the nod
must go to Krispy Kreme in "quality". This cult-like devotion to KK is
not random phenomenon, but truly a simple expression of the near divine
level of experience. Almost Gnostic was their first choice of name, but
(A) it wasn't alliterative, and (B) it didn't include any K's, and K's are

I can't comment on the coffee, as I don't drink the stuff.

So, if you gotta have a different donut daily, or you enjoy Cherry
Sticks, or you're habitually nice and like an orderly room, then by all
means support Tim Horton's. KK, like today's market, runs on suspension
of rationality and rabid bandwagoning. Ooooooh yeah.

(currently languishing in the Dunkin Donuts Domination known as Boston)
(where can I get a decent donut around here? Mark?)

On Fri, 25 Aug 2000, Janie Wilkins wrote:
> They are good, no doubt about it, but IMHO they are not *that* good. Indeed,
> is equally amazing! Yup, when it comes to donuts, Canadians still serve them
> up best! We have more variety, flavours, and shapes in Canadian donut shops
> than in any donut shop I have encountered while living in the USA! Tim Hortons
> <> has 1,700 plus locations across Canada and is
> starting to franchise in the USA. I, for one, look forward to having a Tim
> Horton's in Princeton!

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