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From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 13:23:57 PDT

Not a major donut fan (ok, a major donut fan with a serious gluten
allergy, so I can rarely indulge), but I wasn't majorly impressed with
the Krispy Kreme donuts someone brought to a party in CA recently.
Everyone was making a big fuss about them. I think the major appeal was
that folks who had eaten them warm & fresh before could more easily
channel the memories of that experience.

When I lived in Somerville MA on Evergreen Ave, my housemates and I
would hear the sirens around 2:30am that meant hot fresh donuts at the
Dunkin Donut on McGrath highway. :-)


> To offer a more neutral and yet equally useless data point:
> I lived in Buffalo for a time, and so while it is very much like
> being Canadian, it comes without the bias and general cleanliness. I
> enjoyed the several Tim Horton's in BFLO (3 that I frequented, sure there
> are more), and of course in my time as a Southerner relished the Krispy
> Kreme Experience.
> Tim Horton's certainly does win in the "variety" category, but the nod
> must go to Krispy Kreme in "quality". This cult-like devotion to KK is
> not random phenomenon, but truly a simple expression of the near divine
> level of experience. Almost Gnostic was their first choice of name, but
> (A) it wasn't alliterative, and (B) it didn't include any K's, and K's are
> Funny.
> I can't comment on the coffee, as I don't drink the stuff.
> So, if you gotta have a different donut daily, or you enjoy Cherry
> Sticks, or you're habitually nice and like an orderly room, then by all
> means support Tim Horton's. KK, like today's market, runs on suspension
> of rationality and rabid bandwagoning. Ooooooh yeah.
> (currently languishing in the Dunkin Donuts Domination known as Boston)
> (where can I get a decent donut around here? Mark?)
> On Fri, 25 Aug 2000, Janie Wilkins wrote:
> > They are good, no doubt about it, but IMHO they are not *that* good. Indeed,
> [...]
> > is equally amazing! Yup, when it comes to donuts, Canadians still serve them
> > up best! We have more variety, flavours, and shapes in Canadian donut shops
> > than in any donut shop I have encountered while living in the USA! Tim Hortons
> > <> has 1,700 plus locations across Canada and is
> > starting to franchise in the USA. I, for one, look forward to having a Tim
> > Horton's in Princeton!

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