Requested WebCenter consultation transcript (fwd) Or, Barnes and Nobles sucks.

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Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 13:39:05 PDT

Stupid assholes. I had just found that my favorite writing professor,
Steve Barthelme, had finally published a book that I've been waiting to
come out for a year. The price was right, so what the hell. Oh well,
I'll go buy it at Waldenbooks. (:

 "A civilized society is one which tolerates eccentricity to the point of doubtful sanity."
          -- Robert Frost

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Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 16:13:02 -0400
Subject: Requested WebCenter consultation transcript

Thank you for visiting our WebCenter.
Here is a transcript of your recent consultation:

Your question was:

Agent TomC: May I please have your email address so I can better assist you?


guest: er,

guest: is this thing on? (:

Agent TomC: While I'm looking up your account information, may I ask how you heard
about Flooz?

Agent TomC: Our chat system is somewhat slow today and I apologize.

guest: well, someone sent me some flooz dollars. i think it may have been priceline, but not sure.

Agent TomC: Do you have an account with Flooz?

guest: I don't know, I guess so, since I registered and got a number last nite...

Agent TomC: May I have your full name please?

guest: i registered last nite

guest: c dale

Agent TomC: Does this email address looks familiar:

guest: yep, that's the same email box just a virtual address .. i do use it sometimes

Agent TomC: You have money from Priceline. How can I help you today?

guest: well, i have these dollars and they aer useless to me, because i am not going to give out my cc # to use them. i have been swindled like this before...

Agent TomC: We will not ask for your credit unless you spend more than what you have in your balance.

Agent TomC: Plus, all of our merchants are reputable.

guest: okay, then i will not spend what i have in my balance, then, and i request that you do not send me bogus money anymore. reputable or not, i have been swindled by bigger companies than barnes and nobles.

guest: i wasn't trying to spend more than my balance was at b&n

guest: so why would they still insist on getting my cc #?

Agent TomC: I understand your experiences completely. I think we've all experienced some credit card swindling in our lifetime.

Agent TomC: B&N has a special policy. They require that all of Flooz customers shop with a credit card as backup.

guest: nods. well, i feel tricked. i have gotten 5 emails, 4 of them reminding me that i had the flooz cash, so i decided to see what the 'catch' was. now i see the catch. and i dont appreciate it cuz i saw a book that i've been waiting w/ baited breath to be published on b&n, tried to get it, and no go.

Agent TomC: If the balance is adequate, then the credit card will not be charge.

guest: i dont believe that. last month i was charged over 600 for a truck i got a quote on and didnt reserve. i trust noone at this point. and b&n will NOT get my credit card.

guest: okay, how about this. can you tell me which of your stores do not require my cc # if i just spend my flooz cash?

Agent TomC: B&N is the only merchant in our network that requires a credit card to shop with them.

guest: okay, then i will try some other store. thanks for your time. (:

Agent TomC: You're welcome.

Agent TomC: Thank you for visiting!

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