3Com Park Goes Wireless

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From: Kris Ganjam (krisgan@microsoft.com)
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 17:43:11 PDT

This came out a few days before the CGMi announcement. I wonder if their
deal included rights to the stadium portal site? Perhaps we'll start seeing
instant auctions for that ball just hit into the stands. Lots of


"Instant messaging, news and statistics functions will come first, followed
by food and merchandise ordering later in the season," 3Com said.


"Take, say, sports -- that's another crucial example of the indoctrination
system, in my view."

-Noam Chomsky

"Just think of the emotional bonding, the sense of belonging, the experience
of `together we are invincible' that accompanies marching songs, football
stadium chants, National Anthems, camp-fire songs, hymns, corals, etc."

-The memetic origin of language: modern humans as musical primates

3Com Park Goes Wireless

3Com Brings a New Perspective to the Game for 49er Fans; 3Com Quarterbacks
All-Pro Team

SANTA CLARA, CA -- August 21, 2000 --3Com Corporation (NASDAQ: COMS) today
announced it is building a wireless network at 3Com Park that will change
how 49er fans enjoy the game. Following on the announcement earlier this
month that 3Com will continue to sponsor 3Com Park, today's announcement
marks the dawn of a new era in sports entertainment.

3Com is quarterbacking a team made up of other industry leaders that will
blend each company's unique skills into a first-of-its-kind communications
system. The system will make its debut early in the 2000-2001 football
season at 3Com Park. Fans in the luxury suites will be able to use PDAs to
communicate with each other in the stadium and with fans watching or
listening to the game at home. The PDAs will also let fans look up
statistics on the players and team. Additional portions of the stadium will
have access to the system as the season continues. 3Com is also actively
pursuing development of other applications to enhance spectator's enjoyment
of the game.

The wireless network technology is the first in a number of initiatives
developed by 3Com and marchFIRST (NASDAQ: MRCH), a leading global
professional services company. 3Com formed a strategic alliance with
marchFIRST last December to develop, market and deliver e-Business

A Touchdown for Fans and the 49ers

"3Com believes communication and information can be an important part of the
sports experience," said Bruce Claflin, 3Com president and chief operating
officer. "It's fun to share the high-fives and even the heartbreak with our
friends while attending a game. And many fans like to delve into the stats
that reveal a deeper level of the sport. 3Com will put all of this -- and
more -- at the fingertips of 49er fans at 3Com Park this coming season. We
think this play is a touchdown for fans and the 49ers."

"Given that the 49ers are deep in the heart of Silicon Valley, it's only
fitting that this team brings the cutting edge of technology to its fans so
they can have even more fun at the game," said Peter Harris the new
president of the San Francisco 49ers. "And it's only fitting that 3Com
figure out a way to make the experience easy to enjoy so that our fans do
not even notice the technology."

3Com is also meeting with other teams regarding how they might roll out this
communications system and create a national network.

3Com Makes History with 3Com Park

In March 1996, 3Com became the first high technology company to sponsor a

stadium in the United States, sparking a trend in major cities around the
country to offset operating costs through corporate investments. Today,
almost fifty sports facilities have corporate sponsors.

3Com Park was formally renamed in March of 1996. At that time, the 3Com Park
name and logo were installed throughout the stadium while the City of San
Francisco supported the initiative by installing new signs on major
roadways. Under this new agreement, 3Com's name and logo will continue to
prominently be displayed at the stadium.

About 3Com Corporation

3Com simplifies how people connect to information and services through
easy-to-use, connectivity products and solutions for consumers and
commercial organizations. The company also provides access infrastructures
and IP services platforms for network service providers. For further
information, visit at www.3com.com or the press site at

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