Re: Mind Bombs for Y2K

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From: Dave Winer (
Date: Sat Aug 26 2000 - 16:44:01 PDT

OK OK, it was more written travelogue-style than for factual accuracy or
completeness. I suppose I could have said that San Francisco used to have a
unique character, was a center of political activism in years gone by, but
all that has been destroyed by a vast pyramid scheme whose financial center
is headquartered on Third and Mission?

An insignificant baseball team, no specific food culture, lousy radio and
cold summers.

Would that have pleased you?

BTW, I just listened to the radio show that O'Reilly put on for "RSS 1.0"
and it made me think seriously about leaving the Bay Area for good. They've
been learning some Sand Hill Road tricks up there in Sebastopol.

Comments on Scripting News, of course..


PS: BTW, I totally expect the "But we say nice things about you Dave" rap.
And more personal smears. But I want to say that we never considered going
forward without O'Reilly on board. They clearly can't make the same claim.
"RSS 1.0" was a total sneak. No heads-up. I found out about their choice of
name when it went public.

PPS: My offer of a compromise to Guha has gone unanswered. There's been no
back-channel discussion.

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