Mozquito Technologies Releases Mozquito Factory 1.5

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From: Roddy Young (
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 07:21:35 PDT

For Immediate Release:

Roddy Young
ZOT Group

Josef Dietl
Mozquito Technologies

Innovative Changes Added to Popular Suite of Web Development Tools -- 28 August 2000 - Mozquito Technologies,
developer of the world's first suite of XHTML development tools, today
introduced Mozquito Factory 1.5, its popular software for adding the
interactive dimension to Web pages.

With this release, Mozquito Factory, previously one software tool, has been
split into two applications. The first is the Mozquito Matrix, the powerful
conversion engine technology that replaces scripts with 20 new tags that
work in every browser. The Factory also includes MozPad, Mozquito
Technologies' open-source XHTML editing tool.

Unveiled at Seybold San Francisco 2000, the latest version of Mozquito
Factory will offer many new features and improvements that make it easier
for developers to use and produce better results.

"Companies worldwide are grappling to realize the potential of the
Internet: interactivity. Mozquito Factory 1.5 reduces the cost and
increases the impact of highly interactive content, enabling everybody to
reach out to their clients or audience with a powerful presentation. The
extreme responsiveness of Mozquito-generated Web pages will improve the way
customers perceive your Web site," said Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer, CEO of
Mozquito Technologies AG.

Mozquito Factory 1.5 integrates several key elements that make Web site
design, production and maintenance easy and exciting. At the center of the
Mozquito Factory 1.5 is the Mozquito Matrix, the powerful conversion engine
technology that is the backbone of Mozquito Factory's ability to produce
interoperable solutions. The Mozquito Matrix enables Web designers to use
20 new HTML tags to replace difficult and time-consuming script programming
and transforms the page so that it works in the most widespread browsers.
The Factory also includes MozPad, their new open source editing tool offering.

These new tags enable designers to describe even complex transactions in
one document. This reduces the need for coordination between system
administrator and Web designer, and saves time and money in the development

Because the complete transaction happens within a single Web page, visitors
see an immediate reaction to their input and thus will perceive the page as
much more convenient to use. That is the way things on the Web should be
and that is the way Mozquito Factory delivers.

For building forms, tests, polls, games and eCommerce solutions, Mozquito
Factory gives Web designers and developers the muscle of the latest markup
standard, XHTML, the power of XML, and the easy-to-use HTML.

New Features in Mozquito Factory 1.5:
- built-in import filter allows simple conversion of HTML documents to
XHTML which can then be used to build new Web pages using Mozquito technology

- automatic syntax highlighting assists in developing documents with
correct document structure

- menu of 20 simple tags helps create Mozquito-generated Web pages

- free XHTML editor -- MozPad -- lets users easily author XHTML and FML

- the powerful Mozquito Matrix validates XHTML and converts it into
cross-browser and cross-platform compliant Web applications

Pricing and Availability
Mozquito Factory 1.5 for Windows is now available in the U.S. and Canada
for US$249, and can be purchased online through the Mozquito Store at or from an authorized reseller. Macintosh and Linux
versions of 1.5 are forthcoming and will be available before the end of the

About Mozquito Technologies
Mozquito Technologies' mission is to simplify the development and increase
the intelligence of interactive Web applications. Their flagship product --
the Mozquito Factory -- is the world's first XHTML development suite,
empowering Web designers to use tomorrow's Web technologies today. Mozquito
Technologies' commitment to advancing Web technologies and open standards
is highlighted by their membership and active participation in the World
Wide Web Consortium. For more information please visit

*Mozquito is a trademark of Mozquito Technologies


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