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From: Mark Day (
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 11:36:23 PDT

> (currently languishing in the Dunkin Donuts Domination known as Boston)
> (where can I get a decent donut around here? Mark?)

I don't know of any, frankly. Some people recently brought us some Krispy
Kreme donuts after they came through NY and even though they were a day old,
they were still obviously better than a Dunkin Donuts hunk'o'dough. I can
only imagine what it's like to have this hot-fresh-donut experience that
everyone raves about.

(It pains me that DD is so bad, I really want to cheer for the hometown
heroes, but every time I forget and go back there, there's that...
aftertaste... to the donut... like lard on the roof of the mouth. Blecch.)

Some people around here get worked up about Honey Dew Donuts, but they don't
strike me as anything special. Then again, I'm not much of a donut

Since the currently big thing in DD land is combining DD outlets with Togo
sandwich shops and Baskin-Robbins (?) ice cream shops, the chances look
pretty slim for management to do anything as radical as improving the taste
of the donuts.

All that said, it has to be noted that the real horror at Dunkin Donuts is
the abomination called a Coffee Coolatta. Wow. It seems like there's a weird
medicinal overtaste to the coffee freeze. Do some people like this better
than the alternatives? Or do they not know there are alternatives?


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