Re: Look out mouse, here comes the cat...

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From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 01:01:14 PDT

Adam L. Beberg writes:

> But seriously, most database content worth the high costs of hosting is
> owned by someone that doesn't want the spiders getting at it and
> mirroring out in public like say... google. I don't see that changing
> anytime soon.
I'm not in the industry, is this true for every database-backed
website? Clearly eBay doesn't want their stuff indexed, and most
people would want to hide things from
> Are people really THAT lazy they can't type a URL? People will carry

Type this:

I do balk at typing in URIs indexed by their cryptohashes, or whatever
that hex thing is. I mostly cut & paste, or let the mailer send the
URI string to the browser.

> around another mouse sized gizmo with their laptops? Was this the plan
> behind the insane plan for the new 63 character domain names all
> along? hmmm.... i smell fish... flip, flop, a flippity bippity flop.

That mouse thing is silly, a normal PDA would do.

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