RE: Emulex case cracked

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From: Joseph S. Barrera III (
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 09:47:30 PDT

Thank you Thomas; you've stated my position exactly.

I was going to use the example of how easy it would be
to pollute and make unusable the San Andreas Reservoir...
Yes, there's a fence pretty much around the whole thing,
but it's easy to get past...

- Joe

> From: []
> True, you're stupid if you leave just a flimsy lock, or none,
> on the door of
> your house--but that doesn't give moral justification to the
> burglar who
> empties it out. And this was robbery, pure and simple. Like
> a pickpocket's
> accomplice who creates a distraction, this guy (if he's
> indeed the guilty
> one) took advantage of other people's trust and stole a vast
> amount of money.
> "White collar" robbery (in this case, if they've got the right man,
> white-tee-shirt) is just as heinous as a stick-up in the
> street--and often
> far more damaging in financial terms. The naivete of the
> victim doesn't excuse
> the perfidy of the perpetrator.

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