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From: Dave Winer (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 08:16:41 PDT

Good morning!

I'd like to report on the results in the survey I ran yesterday, asking how
to evolve RSS.

As of 8AM Pacific, 217 people participated.

4 -- It's fine exactly as it is, don't change a thing.

95 -- Add a few elements so it can become richer. It's a maturing format
with a large installed base, it needs to grow slowly to fit the needs of
content developers and aggregators, but keep it simple, that's the biggest
thing it's got going for it.

26 -- Add namespaces so developers can use the Dublin Core and create their
own vocabularies. This is a good thing to do because it avoids silly
innovations like the "blink" tag, as happened in the browser wars between
Microsoft and Netscape.

49 -- Add namespaces as above and add required elements that make it part of
RDF, so developers can build new kinds of databases and search engines that
will do dramatic new things, not just with syndicated Web content, but all
kinds of information.

15 -- I don't have an opinion about how RSS should evolve.

28 -- I don't understand the issues well enough to offer an opinion at this

In addition to Scripting News readers, members of the following mail lists
were invited to particpate: the syndication, rss-dev and radio-userland
lists on eGroups, Cameron Barrett and Phil Suh's CMS list, and the
registrants of channels on My.UserLand.Com.

I posted my observations and conclusions on these results in yesterday's
Scripting News.


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