Re: [syndication] Results from RSS survey

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From: Dave Winer (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 10:27:54 PDT

Dan, these are weak arguments.

I encourage you to read the essay I wrote on Sunday, and write one of your
own, with some thought and care. Present your side in its most favorable
light and let people use their minds and experience to make their own
decision about where RSS should go.

There was no need for there to be two opposing sides here. You were and are
free to go forward with a Namespace+RDF approach to Web content syndication,
and no one could have had a reasonable objection to it, if you hadn't taken
the name "RSS 1.0" without any consultation with the people who use RSS.

You didn't run a survey, so we can't criticize it. Now I think it's time for
you to explain to the RSS community why you should take control of its
future, explain why what you did was fair and the best for all, even though
you didn't consult with them. So far all I've seen are one-sided press
releases and proclamations of victory from your side. Do the hard work, sell
your ideas. At least some people aren't sold, as evidenced by the survey


PS: Radio UserLand is an end-user product, currently in public beta, which
uses RSS.

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