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Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 01:17:45 PDT

On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Dave Winer wrote:

> There has been far more "offensive" said on this list. I feel pretty
> confident that if the phrases "cornhole" or "brown trout fisherman", for
> instance, were of any use to a converstaion then they will be used.

> Fork is above all a place where the chips fall where they will.

> Now I wouldnt adivse you to start peppering your email newsletter with
> phrases like "those shitbag rump wranglers are fucking with RSS and I am
> ready to pop out thier eyeballs and skull fuck some sense into thier
> empty cromagnon brains" but maybe a "garsh darn" and "dang snickery" might
> help to get the new lexicon worked into your daily musings.

> Just my 2 cents and if you dont like it then please lick my salty
> chocolate balls.

shit, someone send me a US/UK slang dictionary now, before me four poster
explodes... awright me owd darlins ;-\

i never was very good at dick van dyke (or any other) impressions

greg encouraged me to join this list because it was full of "famous people"
(like who gregg, come on... ;-)) would be full of riveting discussions (i
assumed he meant intellectual), with particular reference to something i
sent to the magi list about the future of e-business (and which was my first
post here).

i never expected to find it home to a bunch of such time wasting feet on the
desk smart arse wankers, so much like me.



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