Stallman pisses off even more people

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From: Robert Harley (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 05:31:29 PDT

A few days ago Stallman opined on LinuxToday that KDE people had to
ask for "forgiveness" for having used GPL code (although practically
all of it was written by KDE developers for KDE in the first place!).
The talkbacks were overwhelmingly scathing.

KDE representatives put out one response. Now here's another one:

On Stallman on Qt, the GPL, KDE and GNOME

Many of us woke up this morning and read Richard Stallman's editorial
on Linux Today with a growing sense of incredulity. At first, some of
us thought it was a joke -- it didn't make any logical sense, after
all. But after it sunk in that Stallman was doing yet another snowjob
on KDE, a lot of our incredulity turned to anger. [...]


So what we are left with is a childish, spiteful act by somebody who
clearly can't stand to see us survive. Enough's enough -- we have bent
over backwards to ensure that all license issues are resolved once and
for [all]. We will not enter into his game anymore.

signed by:
[list follows]


  "Am I paying for this abuse or is it extra?" - Edmund Blackadder

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