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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 08:40:14 PDT

Usgae will increas to fill up all the bandwidth that can be made.

Case in point....Me

Given a modem i hosed it down for all its worth, from my first 300 baud
to the last 56k i owened. With each increase was a period of "oh joy i
gots me more potential" soon to be followed by "Come on you slow ass piece
of shit"

the period between ephiphany and mepissedisme decreases with each cycle

WHo knew i needed all the planet of the apes movies in my fave new mvie
format, divx (theres a name that has overcome its past:)-) but I
do..its true..its true. and who knew that once i got a honking nice pipe I
would need to archive all of the worlds knowing , but I do..

So please please make no mistake. Even if I were sitting on a OCwhatever I
would still be looking for more.

remember well voidmstr's law
"Bandwidth expands to fit the waste available"

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