Re: Huge drivespace Re: computing budgeting (fwd)

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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 23:51:05 PDT

Rafe Colburn wrote:

> On 9/7/00 at 1:05 PM Jeff Bone wrote:
> >Tom Whore wrote:
> >> "Bandwidth expands to fit the waste available"
> >
> >Absolutely true. But it says nothing about timeframes or
> discontinuities.
> I've seen voidmaster's law quoted many times (mostly by the Voidmaster
> himself), but I've always thought it was just nonsense.

Oh, sorry, the only problem is that you don't speak tomwhore. I myself had
this problem in the ancient past. Utterances in tomwhore often initially
parse as nonsense, but are actually deep, deep jewels of wisdom.

I am absolutely sincere about this, no smileys attached. Learning to speak
tomwhore changed my life. (Okay, sincere smile on that one. :-)

The transliteration from tomwhore to English is: "Waste expands to fit
bandwidth available." But there are hidden meanings in the literal mode.



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