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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri Sep 08 2000 - 08:46:48 PDT

On Thu, 7 Sep 2000, Adam L. Beberg wrote:

--]The answer is no, we wont do anything new, any more then we did
--]anything new with radio, TV, VHS, CDs, the net, DVD, or any other new
--]medium or expansion of an existing one. Just more of it.

There are very few innovative breakthroughs in expression.

Medium and media, yea. But when was the last time a new expression, a new
emotion, came into being?

What we have in the last 30 years is more an expansions on How Much
expression can be stored, transmited, proccessed.

WE canfeel love from greater distnces, rage hatred to more people in
a single day than the previous generations could in a life time, work
through emotions and feelings in simulations both caried in depth and
perceptions, keep close to us not just ONE image of our best and
brightest moments but whole years worth on a single cd, rexamine our past
not just from words of retelling but experince of the source.

But the thing in itself, as JC (campbell not christ...though bill moyers
mixes the two up now and again) woudl but it, has been with us for a long
long time.

We are retelling the old myths in new media. In recombination and
embelishments both old and new we are still using the same object class.

Be it the WWF, games, music, bookjaurez, movies, email, webpages, xml
data stores, 500 channels of tv... lets not ever get the hype going that
we are creating new expressions, new emotions, or new base objects in the
class of humanity.

And this is nothing to be ashmaed of or to belittle. Those emotions, those
ranges of expressions, can move us to love greater, think baser than our
created devils, move moutians across countrys and dream greater things
than evn our best new mediums and hold.


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