Re: Privacy vs. psychology.

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From: Kent Spaulding (
Date: Sat Sep 09 2000 - 07:00:03 PDT

Fair enough - after posting I thought "well, duh, gasoline is convenient,
and so are SUVs. That convenience is worth the trade-off to a lot of

I was really after the point that the oil and automotive industries use
psychological ploys to maintain the Joe and Jane Publics' belief that
electric cars are not desirable.

Karee Swift wrote:

> --- In, Kent Spaulding <kents@t...> wrote:
> > What does the SUV example have to do with privacy issues? This is
> a very different
> > issue than allowing advertizing to intrude into all parts of our
> lives... be it
> > targeted or otherwise.
> The SUV example does make sense. They're arguing that people negate
> privacy for conveinience. Much as they will give up environmental
> welfare to drive SUV's .. Its convenience and comfort. What they
> will do however, is bitch about the lack of security, or bitch about
> the polluting effects of SUV's , but are extremely reclient to give
> those things up for those reasons. THey want the manufactuer to
> build in the convenience and comfort into the thing they're crying
> for. Here's how I see it: If the manufactuers of software, made
> privacy a top priority and built it in, people wouldn't have to
> complain. Its done for them, they don't need to put any effort into
> securing their personal privacy. Since there is effort, and since
> people would rather go to the website with the pretty pictures, or
> order the nifty item online, they give up their privacy, and start
> bitching when bad things happen (tm). Its laziness, and I fall prey
> to it too. I think thats the main crux of what the article was going
> after, and the SUV example holds. If they made SUVS just as powerful
> and pretty and comfortable , but made them with a more efficent fuel
> source, people would flock to them. Since they don't, they'll still
> buy the SUVs and bitch about the shitty milage and polluting effects
> to the environment.
> -BB

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