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From: Dan Kohn (
Date: Sat Sep 09 2000 - 11:27:15 PDT

There's no discontinuity if yo u view bandwidth on a log scale.

                - dan

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Tom Whore wrote:

> Usgae will increas to fill up all the bandwidth that can be made.

This is absolutely true in the long run.

> Case in point....Me > > Given a modem i hosed it down for all its worth, from my first 300 baud > to the last 56k i owened.

All of those transitions, essentially, were incremental. We're talking about *huge* discontinuity here --- 3x as big as the ENTIRE discontinuity between 1980 and today, happening in a compressed period of the next year or so. Try to imagine it this way: what in the world would you have done in, say, 1982, with DSL, a 386 box or Mac, and the apps / services that existed then? The "stuff" just wouldn't exist to really utilize that capacity in any interesting way.

> "Bandwidth expands to fit the waste available"

Absolutely true. But it says nothing about timeframes or discontinuities.


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