Re: Privacy vs. psychology.

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From: Koen Holtman (
Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 18:15:45 PDT

On Sun, 10 Sep 2000, Jeff Bone wrote:

> On a year-by-year basis, early on, Transputers were *cheaper* than
> their equivalent SPARC cousins.

...and later, transputers became much more expensive, in $/MIPS, than
anything else.

I know of at least one project that was a major user of transputers.
Everybody was very happy with the technology. They wanted to use
transputer based systems long-term. They lost interest in transputers at
the point, a few years in, when it became clear that the supplier could
not get sufficient money to develop the next generation models to follow
Moore's law.

Transputers may have ruled as a product, but they sucked as a product

The successive versions of HTTP, on the other hand, have traded away loads
of stuff to being a better product line.


(I had lots of fun for some weeks with a 50-transputer network back in

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