FW: 2 gems on MSFT AAPL investment

Dan Kohn (dan@teledesic.com)
Sat, 09 Aug 1997 17:39:58 -0400

Did you get this? It's not in the archive. Did the attachment confuse
hypermail? It's one of the cooler things I've found to post.

- dan

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> Subject: 2 gems on MSFT AAPL investment
> Slate's Todays Papers reveals two gems here. Notice that the total
> investment was actually a quarter billion. Also, I found the cover
> picture in the NYT striking, but I didn't make the brilliant
> connection to images past.
> On Thursday, August 07, Slate Magazine <help@slate.com> wrote:
> >Taking a Bite
> >by Scott Shuger
> >In a story that was no doubt press-released to death, somehow only
> the
> >WP managed to mention that the deal leaves Microsoft with a 7 percent
> >stake in Apple. But the WSJ gets the nod for reporting the most
> >intriguing singularity that otherwise went unnoticed: that as part of
> >the deal, besides the $150 million investment, Microsoft will pay
> >Apple an additional $100 million. Microsoft wouldn't elaborate for
> the
> >Journal except to say "any payments would be non-material." (Does
> that
> >mean spiritual?)
> >All the majors that carry photos (that is, everybody but the WSJ)
> >accompany the Microsoft/Apple story with the same top-of-the-page
> >shot: a giant televised Bill Gates looming over a tiny, merely human
> >Steve Jobs. When editors made this choice, do you think they were at
> >all aware how much this looks like that famous Super Bowl ad that
> >first introduced the Macintosh? The only thing missing is the babe
> >running up the aisle flinging a hammer at the screen.
> The Reuters picture from
> <http://www.nytimes.com/library/cyber/week/080797apple.html> is
> attached.
> Here's a description of the commercial
> <http://adage.com/news_and_features/special_reports/commercials/years.
> 1980.2.html> and here it is as a 13.4 MB QuickTime movie
> <http://www.idirect.com/screen/movs/1984.mov>.
> You can subscribe to Todays Papers, which is one of the best news
> services around (and it's free), at
> <http://www.slate.com/Code/TodaysPapers/TodaysPapers.asp>.
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