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Hi Abigail,

Thanks for thinking of me. You missed being the first person to send it to
me by about five minutes. :-)

They forgot the obvious one: To pay for my salary. :)


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Ernie, Thought you might enjoy this. Abigail

Microsoft just invested $150 million in Apple stock. Why? We think the reasons are obvious:

10. Bill Gates found spare change in his trousers 9. First and last month's rent on empty office space in Cupertino 8. Fee: Steve Jobs to give charisma lessons to Microsoft CEO 7. Two words: Rhapsody 98 6. Small price to pay for world domination 5. Bill to Larry: I own you now, too 4. Jobs and Woz threw in a signed Apple I as part of the deal 3. Best way to assure Gates a starring role in next Pixar animated feature 2. Easier than bribing entire Justice Department 1. Strategic move: Apple users now hate Jobs more than Gates