Re: Death at 30

spunkanado (
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 03:27:44 -0400 (EDT)

You and I share some very common threads. I to am at a weight size of
maximum mental comfort, that being about 270.

I turned 33 back on may 21st. on may 18th i left New york city, the place
i was born and lived for near 30 of my 33 years, and moved to Portland

People ask me why

Part of me says why not.

I was over wieght beyond even my worst ever weighings, 320lbs ( i was
always fat but never this fat). I was burnt out on near 10 year of MIS
jobs, the last being an MIS managers spot in a big publishing house were i
was clocking 17 hour days min , 8 cups of coffe and so much food as to be
near a constant intake of sushi and kinishes. I had lost a girl freind in
Feb, due mostly to my job and her head space.

So I took a leap out of what i knew as my universe. No job was wating, no
pt set up. My roomate and his cat were my only tie back home (he too was
going thru his own hell, and we figured two newbies would fare better than

We left NYC may 18th

May 21st, my 33rd bday I signed a lease on an apt.

June 13th I was hired on as a contractor working on the DOIs databases/web
interfaces and standards.

So far I am down to 270 lbs, got a few dates under my belt, and I dont
even miss the White Castles..really, i dont..really i dont really ....

I dont consider death at 3x an option any more. I used to, my docotrs all
told me id would be having my first heart attack by 35.

At 33 I grabbed for another chance to get things done right. I know its
never gonna be perfect, but shit, its at least gonna be more fun.

In short (too late) never sell yerself short. Even steve will tell you, as
long as you have one share of stock in your dreams, your in it to win it.

(and i realy dont miss the white castles, really , trully....i dont)