drudge in deep fudge

duck (duck@cci-29palms.com)
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 21:39:52 -0700

I was bewildered the other day when i received an email from Drudge
retracting his Sunday post. Now i know why:

[FW from Today's Papers]

>One courtroom door closes, another opens. The WP reports that White
>House aide Sidney Blumenthal plans to sue Internet gossip columnist
>Matt Drudge over statements Drudge made about him in a recent emailed
>column. Sunday's "Drudge Report" repeated unattributed allegations
>that Blumenthal "has a spousal abuse past that has been effectively
>covered up." Drudge retracted the story last night. But Blumenthal's
>attorney tells the Post he will take "'appropriate action' unless
>Drudge disclose[s] the names of his sources by today."

Is it just me, or has Drudge been getting obnoxious and
self-congratulatory lately, i mean even more than usual? I have yet to
read a post in which he doesn't mention or at least imply what a stud he
is. I think he's becoming a media whore. I sent him the following message
once about his story on Cuannan:

>>The biggest manhunt in American history is still on.

> Matt, please. The reason we read you is because you're
dependable, >reliable, timely, and entertaining. If you begin
sensationalizing you will lose your >faithful audience (many of us writers
and reporters fed up with mainstream >media). Cunanan is by far not the
target of the biggest manhunt in American >history, and i bet if he fell
off the face of the earth tomorrow his name would be >forgotten by

No response, of course. No wonder his posts are short - one hand
is patting him on the back, the other pulling things out of his ass. Maybe
he types with his toes...

PS: Thanks Dan and Ernie for cluing me in to Today's Papers.