The One one

spunkanado (
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 15:58:31 -0400 (EDT)

Damn, you folks sound like there is some Grand Unfied Field Theory of

As with anything else, its the journey as much, if not more so , then the
destination. If you go from point null to point Bliss without traversing
the millions and billions of pain riddeled spots between you will not be
able to hanldle/apreciate/realize/see the bliss.

The hunt molds the hunter , the hunted is also molded by the hunt. With
out the hunt both parites would be sitting around with a few Mickeys Wide
Mouths watching the GLamourous women Of Wrestling .

And whats this ONE thing. One what. One soul for one soul. You think God
plays equivlence games with souls? And what is the sould of the one in the
balance of the other soul? Is it complemntary, opposition, divergent...etc

Remeber the words of the grand sage Jay "theres just one bitch man, one
bitch with a thousand faces. schnooge"