RE: [Finding] the woman I want???

Joe Barrera (
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 15:39:57 -0700

> From: Ernest Prabhakar []
> Not to pound a sensitive nerve, but for me that would raise a red flag
> what are you seeking that drove you into a relationship in the first
> As for me, I was actually thinking about how to get ahold of all the
> women in my life, as I would definitely want them at my wedding (if
> work out with the LA girl). Not to gloat over them (though I did
> that) but because I consider them a valuable part of who I am, and who
> become.

I actually have in fact gotten in touch with all the past women in my
life, because, like you, I consider them an important part of who I am.
This is not always a safe thing to do. In fact it's part of the reason
that I moved down here to San Francisco. I guess I'm hereby committing
myself to tell the whole story here, but not now. (Or you can wait to
read about it in Amy Tan's next novel :-)

- Joe

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