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spunkanado around 6:07 PM -0700 on 8/13/97, contributed to the bitstream
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> On Wed, 13 Aug 1997, Ernest Prabhakar wrote:
> > For some people, the passion is getting somewhere. For others, the
> > passion is enjoying the journey. I know both kinds of people, and they're
> > both a lot of fun (at least up to a point). The ones who are boring are
> > those with no passion, or a very small one (e.g., making lots of money).
> > "What profiteth those who gain the whole world yet loses their soul?"
> Bang on Ernest. Yea, this is a realy good summation of a lot of what i
> feel about this thread.
> Passion. I think what we have been talking about here are METHODS to a
> goal. But its the Passion exuded into these methods that realy make them
> get where they are going to , where ever or whenever that is.

Well this an interesting turn. So I suppose Adam has more life because he
has found the ONE, I have passion for life because I get to keep looking,
Dr Ernie has passion for life because of his spiritual beliefs, Rohit has
passion for life because the world exists to mock him.

> Passionless journeys have that negitve drain to them, the vampiric suck of
> the sould. Those journeys of passion tend to envigerate, liven and
> energize the traveller

I guess the question at this point is what it takes to *sustain* passion.
Adam believes it's finding ONE true love. I believe it's suplimenting your
life with the energy of others.... etc. And of course Rohit still believes
the world exists to mock him.

> After all, we are all travllers east to west

until you reach the blue pacific...



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