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Don Crabb's analysis is easily the stupidest thing I've read this month. My favorite line is: "Microsoft will need a totally new and scalable OS beyond Windows 98 and NT 5.0."

Did it ever occur to him that NT *is* a scaleable OS. That it's lack of scalability compared to Unix is caused by its relative immaturity, not to any lack of planning by Dave Cutler's team.

I think this shows a curious form of projection by Mac-philes. Crabb knows that MacOS 8 is a dead-end OS (the old plan of supporting pre-emptive multi-tasking with Copland then Gershwin would have broken every application and extension.) So, he projects this inadequacy on other OS vendors in a vain hope that they're at the same dead-end. JoeB probably can't say anything, but I'm sure there is a big team at MSFT working on enhancements that won't make it into NT 5 and instead will be NT 6 or 7.

I also wanted to respond (to DanielZ?) on why the MSFT deal seals Rhapsody's fate. The point is not that Jobs has promised not to develop Rhapsody. It's that MSFT has only promised to bring Office to MacOS 8. I don't believe in the Yellow Box; I've never seen an emulator that works acceptably. (Well, I've heard good things about fx32 for Alpha, but look how well DEC is doing.) AAPL is up 50% because people think MSFT is behind them or at least won't try so hard to kill them.

In two years, when MSFT announces definitively that they won't bring Office to Rhapsody, it will be the sign that it's time to stick a FoRK in AAPL; they'll be done.

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> > >Ok, this guy is so far out in left field that it's a wonder the men in >white coats don't take him off. In this weeks column he explains that >Microsoft needed a scalable OS, and since it make the majority of it's >money is made off of apps, will adopt Rhapsody as it's next OS after NT/5. > >Don is always good for a laugh. > > >Tim > >- > >Care about people's approval and you will be their prisoner. > -Toa Te Ching > > <> <> > >