RE: Here comes Microsoft Rhapsody

Dan Kohn (
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 13:16:35 -0700

> And if Apple can hold onto some market share, then why not continue
> porting Office? If 5% more work gives you 10% more market share,
> that's
> still a win, right? (I have no idea what the real numbers are)
> ====
> Because any market share that goes to Rhapsody will be stolen directly
> from NT. And the ultimate goal (also, not much of a secret) is to get
> everyone using NT.
> - dan
> P.S. Apologies to the list on my broken From: headers. I was using
> an add-on called Exchange Buddy to support Internet-style quoting in
> Outlook. Unfortunately, Office Service Release 1 seems badly
> incompatible. I'm on the phone with MSFT tech support now.