Top Ten Things I've Learned This Week.

I Find Karma (
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 12:19:53 -0700 (PDT)

And the week isn't over yet. In no particular order...

10. All sweeping generalizations are bad.
Okay, not all. Most.

9. Never, ever open a discussion about love in a public mailing list.
First, you will never reach a consensus. Among others or among yourself.
Second, you only end up annoying people, who think you're either lucky
or a hypocrite or unrealistic when you say that you have intimacy issues
leading you to believe that there is/was/could only be a single person
in the world for you. Sure, the Rohits of the world will say that's
a terribly static argument which doesn't work in a universe of dynamic
relationships, and it's impossible for you to explain to him is that
the one person IS dynamic -- she grows with you and changes with you and
you're happiest that way. And then you try to explain even though he
won't let you that the key to getting ANYTHING done is being unhappy,
and he calls you a hypocrite again. Until he sits down and actually
thinks about it and realizes that you haven't actually done anything
with the 27 years of breathing you've enjoyed...

8. "If you leave one of my CD's out of its case again, I will kill you."
Never, ever leave a CD out of its jewel box. If you want to live.

7. The average American should be taking in 25% calcium than the current
U.S. RDA is set at, though most Americans presently get only HALF the U.S. RDA.

> The new recommendations, called Dietary Reference Intakes, represent a
> shift in beliefs about the importance of a healthy diet in preventing
> illness. The old daily allowances were mainly geared toward preventing
> the relatively rare diseases, like scurvy, that result from dietary
> deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals. The new system seeks
> to capitalize on an avalanche of research that suggests a
> well-balanced diet can lead to optimal health.

6. "Bill, thank you. The world's a better place." That's what Steve Jobs
said to Bill Gates by cell phone last week about saving Apple. At least,
that's what the August 18, 1997 Time Magazine cover story tells us...

5. Los Angeles induces asthma in me.
We don't know what about the city does this, probably some pollutant in the air.
This was not news.
The news was that the asthma medication I've been regularly taking for 3 years
has the kind of steroids in them that produces an awful side effect of which
I was not aware: it blows me up and makes me hungrier.
My first visit 3 years ago, I was 205. This visit, 251. 46 pounds, 3 years.
I have to teach myself not to listen to my hunger, because it's lying.
This was news.

4. ALWAYS hold out until the last possible date for airline ticket purchase.
Last week, I bought 2 tickets to Seattle for the best rate I could get, $356 each.
This week, airline war over Labor Day fares. Now the best rate is $88 each.
Rohit says, "Told you so."
Good judgment comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgment.

3. Scatological humor can take you a LONG way.
I saw the premiere of "South Park" on Comedy Central last night and it was
hilarious! Clearly, television needs more cartoons geared toward adults.
The aliens placing an 80-foot satellite dish up the fat 8-year-old's butt
was truly inspired.

2. I have no fear of commitment.
We have picked a wedding date.
But I'm not allowed to tell anyone just yet.

1. HTML is dead, long live HTML.
I cannot give you any more context besides that for now.
More details within a month.

MARDI GRAS UPDATE: I've reserved a room at the Prytania (SCharlesL,
Duck, Rumman, and Phryday, y'all know where it's at; for everyone else,
the Prytania is this cool bed-and-breakfast in New Orleans where we
stayed for Mardi Gras 1996!) for six nights: checkin Thursday, February
19; checkout Wednesday, February 25. Room rate is $125 a night, a
bargain. I have to send in a check for the full $750 today; I put in a
request for that trippy room we had in 1996 with the tall doors and
stylish green and purple paint and two double beds and corner view
(St. Vincent's #14). Confirmation number 0219005, I spoke with Carmen.
It's a go, right Ro? You'll get to meet Big Jon, perhaps the most
eccentric man I know in the south... for more details on Mardi Gras,


I'll see you when you get there. If you ever get there.
-- Coolio featuring 40 Thevz