Speak to be baby...

CobraBoy! (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 18:48:07 -0800

never say never. I installed Apple's speech recog on the PPC. All I can say
is this is so cool. I don't know if the gee whiz factor is going to wear
off soon, but I'm already wishing every app supported it.

It has a hold down a key to speak mode, or listen all the time. If that is
on you have to name your computer, (default is computer) so that brings up
a wealth of possibilities.

As usual this stuff is working great, but it seems Apple is bailing out of
the technology. Maybe Steve will give it to Ms.


p.s. I believe that there is a Netscape plug in to command your way around
the net!


... at least you can drive something fast, arm your-
self with powerful tools, and look good doing it.
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