RE: more on Apple Speech Recognition.

Joe Barrera (
Fri, 15 Aug 1997 10:55:55 -0700

I heard an NPR report recently about speech recognition products (for
PCs), including a description of "Naturally Speaking" from Dragon
Systems (also see
It does continuous speech recognition, meaning that you can talk like
this instead of like. This. With. Pauses. Between. Every. Word.

The guy from Dragon Systems claimed that their program takes dictation
faster than any typist they've found. If true, then I could actually see
myself giving up my keyboard. (I think for some reason I've always just
assumed that typing would be faster than speech recognition.)

So Apple's discrete speech recognition is cool, but their technology may
not be competitive enough to compete as a stand-alone product. The
question then is, does it work well enough to use as a standard feature
to help sell Macs? Or will the additional support cost outweigh the
marketing value? Support cost (answering phone calls) is really
expensive, and can be a big determining factor on whether a feature
makes it into the product or not...

- Joe

PS. Regarding photocopied dollars - the cool thing is that forging
stamps is NOT a federal crime (according to the article)...

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