Re: Jobs, Satan announce deal

Ernest Prabhakar (
Fri, 15 Aug 97 12:08:14 -0700

Now -this- is humor, albeit sick. (and I do disagree with its
implications, assuming they were intended somewhat seriously).

I suppose JoeB might object to the analogy between an organization which
is simply trying to do its job under the rules laid out for it and
nefarious villainy which cruelly and coldly calcuates the destruction of
all that is good...

-- Ernie P.

Subject: Jobs, Satan announce deal

From: (mathew)

Date: Thu, 14 Aug 97 12:20:01 EDT

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Jobs, Satan announce deal

"The era of competition between good and evil is over," Steve Jobs told

a keynote audience at MacWorld Expo today. "We have to let go of the

notion that for good to triumph, evil must perish."

In a presentation that had been anxiously awaited by the Mac community,

Jobs announced a historic deal between Apple Computer and Beelzebub,

Lord of Darkness and Supreme Ruler of the Empire of Evil.

During his short speech to a stunned crowd, Jobs said that Satan will be

purchasing $150M worth of Apple staff's souls, at the current market

price. "I have Lucifer's word that he will not use his control over

these souls to influence the direction we take in any way." Furthermore,

said Jobs, the Devil will not be able to cash in any of the immortal

souls for three whole years.

The Antichrist then addressed the room via a live link from the Pits

of Hell, and said that the Empire of Evil is committed to developing

major pestilences for the Mac platform -- including Office 98 -- for at

least the next five years. A collaboration on destroying the Sun is

also part of the deal with the Lord of Darkness.

Jobs said that Mac users should be grateful for the happiness that

an honest, widely-respected and much-loved organization like The Eternal

Pit of Torment will bring to the Mac community.

In the wake of the announcement, Apple's stock lept 30 pieces of silver

over the previous day's high.

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