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Fri, 15 Aug 1997 12:47:10 -0700 (PDT)

Yay verily, TimB spake thusly:
> So what is the point of all this? First off yet another cool technology
> Apple doesn't have a clue what to do with.

Collect the whole set and amaze your friends!

> And I hate to say it, but Billy G and Joe were right, talking to your
> computer is pretty cool. I just worry that now that I'm talking to it,
> soon I'll be sitting naked in front of a CUSEEME camera. :-)

Oh, the humanity! Bad image, bad image, out of my head!!!!

I think that the implications if speech technology gets to the point
where it's natural, will be staggering. I'm thinking of all those Rohit
500 word a minute monologues... when we have a Jetsons-like secretary
that can scribe it all while he blathers, the world will TRULY be in
trouble. The world is only safe while Rohit's bits remain in
nonelectronic form (that is, in his head or out of his mouth).

In an unrelated note, I appreciate all of y'all's comments about the
K&R "X Marks the Spot" --- I've incorporated all of the changes except
for Ernie's (there's some stuff I need to ask you) and the following,
which I'll change later today...

> From Thu Aug 14 21:32:59 1997
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> Subject: X marks the spot
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> There is at least one inaccuracy in your article.
> "By 1996, SGML was still not ready for interactive parsing, authoring,
> or incremental display (thanks to its batch heritage!)."
> This sentence is in error. XML is routinely used for interactive
> authoring and display. I have no idea what "interactive parsing" is, so
> I can't speak to that. What SGML was *not* designed for was interactive
> display over low-bandwidth networks. That has nothing to do with its
> "batch heritage" but with its pre-Internet boom heritage. There is a
> large difference.
> To give a feeling of the performance of SGML on a local computer: I can
> read a document into Jade according to a DTD, convert it to a TEI
> document, read in the entire TEI DTD, validate the result of that
> conversion to that DTD and output RTF faster than Word for Windows can
> load the RTF and paginate it.
> I think that this distinction is important to note because it may
> indicate the future of the Web. As bandwidth concerns ease and knowledge
> spreads XML and SGML will probably converge.
> Paul Prescod

I think several people in the XML community believe this.
I think the SGML community isn't gonna know what hit them.


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