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Ok, so this week I have found out that I'm both a "PEN"=20

<bold><fontfamily><param>Palatino</param><bigger>Rhapsody audience

the Rhapsody audience is going to include most personal

computer users. However, at the beginning, it is going to include

who are relatively sophisticated and who need powerful solutions. The

representative core market for Rhapsody is the publishing,

entertainment, and new media (PEN) market.

</bigger><italic><smaller>Rhapsody User Experience Apple Confidential
Page 8 of 115

</smaller></italic></fontfamily>and a cusper

While the PEN classifaction doesn't bother me, I have real problems
with the cusper.=20

<excerpt>"Did our childhoods count statistically -- or are we not
assertive enough as a group???? When there were the hippies and the
social rebels, we were in grade school. When there were the computer
wizards coming onto the scene, we were in high school. Then, it was
disco - we were too young to drink. We listened to 'Frampton Comes
Alive,' 'Rumours,' 'Eagles Live,' 'Bob Seger Live Bullet,' and perhaps
a little Seals and Crofts, old Beatles and pop radio like 'I Shot the
Sheriff'-but no one acknowledged our age group." - KellyGMyth


huh? let's see, ZZTOP, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Sex Pistols, Clash, Eno,
Bowie/Eno, Buzzcocks.

<excerpt>"We don't feel we belong to the 'boomer' generation, yet we do
not identify with those presently termed 'Generation X.' Most of us
were babies during the exciting, turbulent, generation-identifying '60s
and seem to drift along the edges of society. We're not into body art
or piercing, and often listen to jazz and write poetry (sort of the
beatniks of our time). We're too old for Grunge and too young for
guitar rock and Disco. I think we're being misidentified." -


10 tattoo's, 3 piercings,=20

jazz I agree,=20


<excerpt>2. Despite the obvious grudge many cuspers hold against the
attention-grabbing boomers, they would rather be identified with
boomers than with the Gen Xers below them. In the American Dialogue
MeterTM cusper poll, 80 percent of respondents said they would rather
be thought of as older than be associated with today's youth.


yeah, I identify with 50 year olds. I don't even relate to my own
cuspers it seems.=20

Well there is more on the Chait|Day site. Now I have to go cruise the
fat farms looking for 50 year old women to relate to....=20



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