hello from hawaii

Dug Song (dugsong@monkey.org)
Sun, 17 Aug 1997 02:46:10 -0400 (EDT)

so i'm on this GTE cyberbooth in hawaii. pretty snazzy, only $0.33 /
minute for a "secure" telnet connection, which is probably SSL to a proxy.
i logged in via s/key anyhow...

so this phone next to me is a GTE public phone, and accepts both magstripe
and smartcard cashcards, pretty cool. they've also got TDMA cellular
phones here, which is news to me, i thought the US still had only analog
EAMPS coverage in most areas. but what do i know, i've never had a
cellphone of my own. i was just in korea 2 days ago, and there they're
rolling out nationwide 3rd-generation CDMA (PCS) phones / pagers, now
that's really pretty nifty.

more on korea later, maybe when i get to LA. korea's changed a whole lot
in 4 years, and there's a lot of really, really snazzy jonk going on
there. lots of fun.

i'm still alive, BTW, didn't die in that terrible KAL flight from seoul to
guam. anyhow.