The Waters of Life

Ron Resnick (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 00:29:44 +0300

>> From: Ron Resnick <>
>> To: I Find Karma <>;
>> Subject: And another thing....
>> Date: Saturday, August 09, 1997 8:06 PM
>> At 11:34 PM 8/7/97 PDT, I Find Karma wrote:
>> >For the record, I love Jameson's.
>> Nope. Bushmills. But just the regular stuff - not the fancy/pissy 12 year
>> stuff.
>> Besides- I'm more of single malt scotch kind of guy. Laphroaig. Smells
>> like moldy sawdust. Peat bogs, actually :-).
>> Ron.
>Ron (and Adam),
>You don't know me from a hole in the ground, as I lurk on FoRK and have yet
>to contribute, but I always love to find fellow Whisky enthusiasts. I too
>love Laphroaig (and if you like that, try Ardbeg. Distilleries closed now,
>but theres still some around. 10x the peat smoke flavor of Laph)

So I got this comment from an anonymous lurker (so is it ok to FoRK the
bits, but not accredit the poster? oh no. Not this again...Somebody
whack me on the head with a camera, or a whisky bottle, ok?).
I also got another similar reply on the whisky theme, with a suggestion to
check out, which is entertaining enough, I suppose.

So how many FoRKers are whisky snobs? Quite a number it would appear.
At a minimum, Adam, Rohit, Ron & 2 anons. (alc. anons? :-)))

My mother in law just came for a visit from Brazil. She brought me
a Glenmorangie duty free. It's good, but still no Laph :-).

The trouble is (boo hoo) my bar is jammed with good stuff (mainly malts,
a few blends, and a number of better Canadian ryes), but precious little
'bar scotch'. I daren't put ice in the good stuff, but that means on
hot summer afternoons, when I'd really like something on the rocks, I'm
pretty much scratching the bottom of the barrel. I guess I could just
buy some bar scotch locally, but it's frightfully expensive for mediocre
things like J&B, and things like JW Red work out to over $40US for a 1Litre
bottle. As I said - boo hoo. So, I just drink my good stuff instead :-).

So how do snobbish FoRKers take their malts? Neat? Splash of water? Ice?
7-up, like the Chinese drink their wine :-)?

I've tried doing the 'waters to release the serpent' stuff, but find when
all is said
and done, I still like it neat, in a brandy snifter. Opinions?

BTW - beer snobs, anyone? Smithwicks for me - draught, not bottled, of course.
And served 'root cellar cool', not that 'ice cold beer' American (&
Canadian :-( ) perversion. How does anyone ever *taste* an ice cold beer?
Or maybe 'taste' isn't the point of drinking a Miller or Bud....or Blue or