Re: The Waters of Life

Jay Thomas (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 08:44:23 -0400

Ron Resnick wrote:

> >Ron (and Adam),
> >
> >You don't know me from a hole in the ground, as I lurk on FoRK and have yet
> >to contribute, but I always love to find fellow Whisky enthusiasts. I too
> >love Laphroaig (and if you like that, try Ardbeg. Distilleries closed now,
> >but theres still some around. 10x the peat smoke flavor of Laph)
> <snip>
> So I got this comment from an anonymous lurker (so is it ok to FoRK the
> bits, but not accredit the poster? oh no. Not this again...Somebody
> whack me on the head with a camera, or a whisky bottle, ok?).
> I also got another similar reply on the whisky theme, with a suggestion to
> check out, which is entertaining enough, I suppose.

Well, I guess this is as good a time as any for my first FoRK post. I am
anon who sent this, and yes, Ron, its fine by me to post my private
email. I
am a firm believer in never committing to hard copy something I would be
upset about if it were seen by others.

> So how many FoRKers are whisky snobs? Quite a number it would appear.
> At a minimum, Adam, Rohit, Ron & 2 anons. (alc. anons? :-)))

Add Jay to the list.

> My mother in law just came for a visit from Brazil. She brought me
> a Glenmorangie duty free. It's good, but still no Laph :-).

Try one of the new "specialty" Glenmorangies -- aged approx. 12 yr. in
the normal
fashion, then racked to either a port, sherry, or madeira cask and aged
three years. I highly recommend, my favorite, the port.

> So how do snobbish FoRKers take their malts? Neat? Splash of water? Ice?
> 7-up, like the Chinese drink their wine :-)?

Personally, neat.

> BTW - beer snobs, anyone? Smithwicks for me - draught, not bottled, of course.
> And served 'root cellar cool', not that 'ice cold beer' American (&
> Canadian :-( ) perversion. How does anyone ever *taste* an ice cold beer?
> Or maybe 'taste' isn't the point of drinking a Miller or Bud....or Blue or
> Ex....

Seeing as I brew my own, my preference is -- mine. But in my local pub,
nothing satisfies like a perfectly pulled pint of Guinness.

> Ron.