Re: The Waters of Life

John Boyer (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 07:42:04 -0500

>So how many FoRKers are whisky snobs? Quite a number it would appear.
>At a minimum, Adam, Rohit, Ron & 2 anons. (alc. anons? :-)))
Here in the Bible Belt we appreciate a strong drink. I don't live far from
the Jack Daniels distillary, (which is in a dry county in Tenn., BTW)
But being a snobbish sort I hate Jack. Give me Laphroaig and Johnny Walker.
I even filled out the form to own one square foot of the Laphroaig property.

>So how do snobbish FoRKers take their malts? Neat? Splash of water? Ice?
>7-up, like the Chinese drink their wine :-)?
Laphroaig on ice. Johnny Walker with a little coke. Strange But Good..

Athens, Alabama.