FW: gTLD-MoU Related News

Dan Kohn (dan@teledesic.com)
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 08:17:57 -0700

The gTLD-mou web site has been updated. I think the plan (which I
strongly support) is progessing nicely.

I also found this little nugget from IANA:
<http://www.isi.edu/iana/dns-management.html>. Network Solutions
<http://www.netsol.com> has begun claiming that the investment they made
in com, org, and net during their 3 year cooperative agreement with the
NSF entitles them to ownership of those domains, which may be a
multi-billion dollar asset. Notice, then, how Postel points out that
NSI's Internet Registry function was "previously performed by SRI
International," which attempts to discredit NSI's claim of having
"created" these domains.

NSI realizes that IANA will never let them get away with a domain grab,
and so are beginning to try to discredit the instituion of IANA. At
<http://www.netsol.com/papers/internet.html> they suggest: "Transition
the important functions now performed by the IANA to a legal authority."
I love Postel's closing shot on this issue: "IANA fully expects this
cooperation to continue and would be astounded if NSI were to adopt any
policy or take any action inconsistent with this principle."

Astounded is not a word you normally you see associated with policy

- dan

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