Right again

CobraBoy! (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Tue, 19 Aug 1997 08:10:11 -0800

I believe it was me, CobraBoy! in predicting the end of the PPC chip that
speculated this.

> *** IBM business computers will run Microsoft's Windows NT
> IBM, in a move to match competitors, plans to give its powerful
> business computers the ability to run Microsoft's Windows NT software.
> IBM also is boosting the performance of its AS400 computers,
> introducing models Monday designed to help companies conduct business
> over the Internet. IBM is trying to stem sales losses to competitors
> featuring the Windows NT operating system. It intends to sell a
> computer add-on early next year that upgrades existing AS400 and new
> AS400e machines so the computers can run Windows NT applications and
> software made for the IBM operating system. (USA Today)

After Intel ships their RISC chip there will be no reason for IBM to
continue with Moto. Whither they design them or not.

Never doubt CobraBoy!



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sometimes you put up with some of their idiocyncracies. - Gil Amelio

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