Yeah, I'm the new guy.
Tue, 19 Aug 1997 19:44:55 -0400 (EDT)

Now that Adam and Rohit have arranged for me to be on the FoRK list, I'm
pondering how to introduce myself to this list. While I'm flatttered by the
one-sentence bio of me in the FAQ, I don't think that that quite covers it
all. So, in brief:

Name: Steve Leif

Email: SCHARLESL@AOL.COM (I'm thrilled that this is not immediate
disqualification from this list)

Web Page: Not yet

Home: St. Mark's Place, East Village, New York City. The center of life as
we know it for the 18-24 crowd. Too bad I'm 28.

Occupation: Freelance Stagehand in NYC. (all of that backstage stuff, most
of it for business theatre and industrial shows)

Hobbies: Rollerblading, working, apartment hunting. The three most popular
hobbies here in NYC.

How I know Adam: Adam and I went to high school together in Adam's original
hometown of Commack, NY. (I've actually met Rohit. In one word: intense)

I've been reading the FoRK archive for quite a while now, and have found
it entertaining as well as informative. I will be creating a post about
something other than myself as soon as I'm done doing just that. Cheers.

-Steve Leif