Weekend in NYC [was Re: Update]

Rohit Khare (khare@w3.org)
Tue, 19 Aug 1997 22:10:35 -0400 (EDT)

Thought you'd never ask...

> So Rohit, what ended up happening with that letter you wrote?

[First, something's up with our mail. I just received your note now,
10p EST. You seem to have sent it around 8:20PM EST.]

Well, you were right: "run away screaming" was in the first paragraph;
"I don't think we should 'date' anymore" was in the second. All for the
best, I suppose, since, I'm not going to hide how I really feel or "go
slow" artificially. I *am* raw and upfront, no more coy than I can
whisper or speak slowly (and still be true to my own self).

As these things go, I guess I should count my blessings that it was
pretty clean, but it still hurts pretty deeply. I had one foot over
the line of really falling in love, rather than my previous 'mere
astonishment at female interest'.

The weekend was a nice distraction: I played hooky on Friday and went
to New York. Friday night, I went to a regional Indian dance recital
at Lincoln Center with my friend from Yale; Saturday afternoon I went
to Coney Island with Duck, my friend from Columbia (during the time it
took for me to explain the last week's episodes to duck, the weather
went from gorgeously sunny to thunder, lightning, and rain: does the
universe exist to mock me or what?!). I went over to mosi and mosa-ji's
place in Stonybrook, had a relaxing home-cooked Indian meal and joined
their community puja Sunday morning. Finally, I went to the India Day
parade in NYC Sunday afternoon. Nothing like a block party with 50k
Indians and blaring filmi rap music down Madison Avenue...

Not much of an answer, I know, but drop me a line (617/960-5131,
anytime) and we'll talk. If I have to put keyboard to email, I can't
overcome the urge to share like this :-)


PS. As for your earlier rebuttal that 'gorgeous, intelligent, and
assertive Indian women' DO exist, yourself a walking counterexample, I
hereby retract my comments. Besides, "assertive/ambitious" is the only
limiting factor. As the floats meandered by from "Indian Student
Council of Bronx High School of Science" and the "Indian-American
Pharmaceutical Students Association", I decided there are no lack of
the first two: there are benefits to being a man in an incredibly
sexist, lookist, education-centric society (viz, the fossilized 60's
morals of Indian-American immigrant parents, esp towards daughters).