Cringely on TimBL's incorruptibility

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 20 Aug 1997 01:27:53 -0400

Bob Cringely covered the MS investment in Apple this week. A critic


<excerpt>c) Owning the bulk of the browsers means Evilsoft will get to
define HTML. Evilsoft 1, WWW Consortium 0.


Bob replied:


<excerpt>C) Microsoft doesn't control the browsers and they CERTAINLY
don't control the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Though Microsoft has
made a heck of an effort to influence the W3C, so have a lot of other
companies. Just look at the number of W3C staff people who come from
member companies like Microsoft and HP. These folks are ambassadors and
spies as much as they are staffers, BUT THE W3C KNOWS THIS. The place is
like Babylon 5 without the commercials, but Tim Berners-Lee, who invented
the Web and runs the W3C, is the least corruptible person in computing,
so I'm not particularly worried. There's no way Bill Gates understands
Tim Berners-Lee. Microsoft will have input to the next version of HTML,
but they certainly won't define it.


There may be no way BillG understands TBL, but what about the rest of us?




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