Re: Coffee's cold...

Ron Resnick (
Thu, 21 Aug 1997 00:57:59 +0300

At 08:07 AM 8/20/97 -0800, CobraBoy! wrote:
>Corel ditches Java initiative
>Firm had dreamed of denting Microsoft with
>its new kind of office software
>Tuesday, August 19, 1997
>By Patrick Brethour
>Technology Reporter
>Corel Corp. abandoned a key part of its offensive against Microsoft Corp.
>yesterday, scrapping its effort to develop a version of its office software
>based on the Java programming language.

So should I say here that I'm way-impressed that CobraBoy
(a) outed some really important bits (b) picked them up from
a Canadian paper ?

Yes, I am way-impressed. Good scoop Tim. 'fcourse I did hear
of the corel muddlement before I saw your post, but the Globe article
had much more coverage than the flimsy internal IBM news release I saw
this morning.
BTW, I checked the corel site itself, and there was no mention of this

Corel always is a bit flaky - it's the Michael Cowpland effect.
He's Canada's answer to Larry Ellison, I think (flashy cars, young dates,
Or am I mixing him up with the other guy - what's his name? Matthews?

So who's left doing serious office apps in Java? Lotus. Anybody else?