RE: I know why the suits are leaning so hard on JoeBar...

Joe Barrera (
Wed, 20 Aug 1997 18:07:29 -0700

If only my life were that simple.

Actually, there is one of these purple things infesting our labs. Jim
Gray brought him to a talk last week, demonstrating him as "Enterprise
Barney". I prefer to think of it as Ready-To-Hang Barney. (Maybe
Slug-and-Slay, I don't know.)

I'd gladly trade our Barney for a Rohit!

- Joe

PS. No one will let me test exactly how "durable" Barney really is. Or
how "ready to travel" he is (e.g. from our eighth story windows).

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They gotta get the *big* product out in time for Christmas:

No setup required
Ready to travel
Lovable, but durable
Cuddly, plush surface

Hmmm. Sounds like Rohit.