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Looks like Mr. "blame it on Apple" has left the building...

Joel Kocher, the combative president of Power Computing Corp. and leader
of the crusade to convince Apple Computer Inc. to continue sanctioning
clones, resigned Tuesday after a disagreement with other Power
executives about how to resolve the licensing dispute.


Kocher also urged attendees to disrupt the keynote speech by Steve Jobs,
Apple co-founder and board member, and to make him aware that they
support clones because competition from clone companies keeps Apple on
its toes, leading to more innovative products and lower prices.

Attempts to incite attendees fizzled. Nevertheless, word of Kocher's
criticisms got back to Jobs, who has opposed cloning. An angered Jobs
sent a warning message to Kahng, Power's founder, chairman and chief
executive officer, leading to a falling out between Kocher and Kahng,
sources said.

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Here are the quick wrap up's on Apple as seen through CobraBoy's


2) PowerComputing is about to bite the dust. Seems they got a
little too
big too fast and took themselves too serioiusly. Their fall is
soon. Some say this week, some this monoth. Seems they spent the
$$$ from
their IPO before they offered it. Bad news for Be, Inc. Their
line of
"blame it on Apple" is really stupid and Steve is not one to
fuck with on
this level. An emergency meeting was held in Cupertino late last
week, and
contrary to what everything everyone else is saying, I'm sure it
was Steve
telling them to knock off the Apple bashing. Don't expect anyone
to help
them out, because frankly, no one cares. Expect a rush line of