Re: Coffee's cold...

Mark Baker (
Wed, 20 Aug 1997 22:34:43 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 21 Aug 1997, Ron Resnick wrote:
> Corel always is a bit flaky - it's the Michael Cowpland effect.
> He's Canada's answer to Larry Ellison, I think (flashy cars, young dates,
> etc.)
> Or am I mixing him up with the other guy - what's his name? Matthews?

Terry Matthews of Newbridge, Crosskeys, WestEnd, Fastlane, etc.. fame.
Don't forget Mitel, which stands for "MIchael and TErry lawnmowers" -
Michael as in Cowpland of course.

Yep, I think you're confusing Cowpland with Matthews, though Cowpland
does like cars. He's happily married, living in this god-awful god
plated house just down the road from me.
> So who's left doing serious office apps in Java? Lotus. Anybody else?

This announcement certainly wasn't "Corel dumps Java". It was more like
"Finally, Cowpland realizes what everybody else already knew - Java ain't
ready yet". Part of that same announcement was that Corel has shifted
from 70/30 Windows/Java to 50/50 Windows/Java. Doesn't sound like a
dumping to me. YMMV.


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