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*** American Airlines apologizes for offensive manual

American Airlines apologized to its Latin American customers Wednesday
over a pilots' manual suggesting they like to get drunk on board and
may call in a false bomb threat when running late for a plane. The
manual was released in a Miami courtroom Tuesday during pretrial
hearings in lawsuits over the 1995 crash of an American Airlines jet
near the Colombian city of Cali, in which 159 people died. The manual
says Latin American passengers can become drunk and unruly on board
and that they make false bomb threats to delay planes if they're late.

and in the same issue.

*** Mexican drug lords said to recruit ex-U.S. soldiers

Mexico's rich cocaine barons are hiring former U.S. soldiers to
outmaneuver anti-narcotics units in the drugs war, U.S. government
officials and sources say. Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D-Texas, member of
the House National Security Committee, said in an interview this week
that mercenaries with U.S. military experience are being hired by key
cocaine cartels. One source said the involvement of former U.S.
soldiers greatly increases the dangers for those battling drug
traffickers on the U.S. side of the border. For the full text story,

but do they fly American? And are their bomb threats real?


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