Re: If You Wannabe a FoRKer.

Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Thu, 21 Aug 1997 10:44:30 -0700 (PDT)

I must admit, it is oddly gratifying to have my decision to
snube the Spice Girls thoroughly endorsed. True, it is a shallow
victory - kind of like affirming Joe's plan to 'travel-test'
Barney. Still, it is nice to know we have -some- taste around here.
(excepting Adam, naturally :-).

Then again, I suppose it is useful to have Adam listening to Spice Girls
for the same reason we have him reading Cosmo - to reassure the rest
of us we're not missing anything. Hmm, if he is one of about 30, does
that make him "the inverse 3%" - that is, the 3% of the 3% that really
wants to be part of the 97%?

At any rate, I trust this means that "We're the Masters of Bits" still
reigns supreme as the unchallenged theme song of FoRK. Hurrah!

-- Ernie P.

P.S. Someone said "I don't know my own talent." I fear I must disagree,
and decline the compliment. Not that you overestimate my talent,
merely that you underestimate my ego! Actually, that is a good
description of FoRKers - you can not overestime our ability or
underestimate our egos!

P.P.S. Sorry for the typos, I'm telnetting from Chicago.
And yes, that is "snub" - I don't want to know what you think
'snube' means...